With 3 Levels of Privacy To Protect You

We are pleased to introduce the Privacy Suite, a built-in tool that lets you easily control your level of privacy, site by site.

high privacy level in privacy suite

In High Privacy, UR turns black and you can browse online without traces.

How Does The Privacy Suite Work?

Click on the ninja icon and the Privacy Suite will appear. It shows you the different features that are activated, according to your privacy level.

There are three privacy levels:

  • High: recommended for websites where you want to be as anonymous as possible
  • Medium: recommended for everyday browsing
  • Low: recommended for websites that you trust or that don’t work correctly in higher levels

If you don’t select a privacy level, you will browse the web in Medium Privacy. You can decide to change your level depending on the website you’re on—and then save it. Next time you type in this website, it will load in the level you saved.

The Privacy Suite will be rolled out in all new versions, beginning today. For those who already have UR, simply download the new version, which will replace the old one. 

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