urbrowser chromium 61 update

The core of your favourite browser, URBrowser, has just been updated to Chromium 61.

It’s a security release, it is recommended to update to the new version as soon as possible.

It contains a number of fixes and improvements.

An exhaustive list of changes is available on Chromium’s blog. Alternatively you can check out the full changelog.

We’ve thrown in some in-house changes:

  • Anti-Fingerprinting fixes (input variations range extension, User Agent detection, misc).
  • Updated rulesets for enforced HTTPs connections.
  • Fix: first time onboarding, default = medium.
  • Fix: Tab title color issues.
  • Fix: the Hitlist triggers.
  • Fix: Downloader icon not always visible, until clicked on.
  • Fix: About page layout.
  • Under-the-hood fixes for PrivacySuite & Settings.

For now we are releasing it to be manually downloaded and installed from www.ur-browser.com.

This will roll out over the coming days/weeks. The MAC version will follow up soon.

Watch out for upcoming UR blog posts to find out about new features we’ll be rolling out soon!