It is said that no one has ever seen this evolution of the World Wide Web (also known as WWW) and Internet emerging, except for its founders. Kudos to them, we are virtually connected to one another, regardless we like it or not. From then on, throughout these two decades since its inception, these technologies have been advancing very rapidly unexpectedly, like a wild forest fire. It is not uncommon to see people clenching their hands with their phones – messaging, playing mobile games, web surfing, etc. Some of us even use such technology to find ourselves true love via online dating apps. News, no matter if they are factual or fictional statements, are regularly updated on the Internet. People can comment on their opinions anywhere and at any time of the day.

History of Web Browsers

In the late 1980s, when WWW was first established, there were two most commonly used web browsers, namely Netscape and Internet Explorer. These web browsers are open for the public and not securely encrypted at that point in time. Though data has been uploaded by many via the Internet, cybersecurity or data protection are not implemented then. Hackers openly retrieve these online and uploaded data for their own benefits. Some of these data are also sold as information to marketing companies for publicity. Scamming, frauds, digital identity thefts are largely reported.

Web Browsers in the 21st Century

However, now we are spoilt with choices – Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer (also currently known as IE in short), Microsoft Edge, FireFox, UR Browser and many more. Research studies have also shown that most web browsers are equipped with InPrivate browsing tabs. We can choose to open a private browser in Chrome to search for their information online securely and not having to worry that their data will be hacked. Not only that, but we can also play games on any private browsers.

These private browser tabs can be found on any of the above-mentioned web browsers. Statistics have reflected that among these many web browsers, UR Browser, is nominated as one of the top appreciated most private browser in 2018. This year, UR Browser is stated to have its aim to be the best private browser in 2019.

Common Doubts on Private Browsers

Some of us may often wonder about the following questions:

  • Is a private browser safe?
  • Why do we use a private browser?
  • How does private browsing work?
  • Does private browser work on both mobile phones and laptops as well?
  • Is A Private Browser Safe?

So, is a private browser safe? Well, most web browsers have this unique function of private browsing. One of these many web browsers is UR-Browser. This web browser is known to have its special way in the algorithm to safeguard online data getting stolen or misused for virtual crimes. Ur-Browser allows their users to implement private browsing so that these users do not have to worry about their data being used for unknown purposes. Its creation has ensured their users to go online surfing without any restrictions as well. Private browsers on UR-Browser not only will be able to protect data, allow unrestricted yet safe online surfing process for their users, and make sure that neither malware nor spyware will be implemented or downloaded secretly.

  • Why Do We Use Private Browser?

Safe data protection is definitely one of the many reasons which users choose to use private browsers. The other reason is that private browsers, unlike the usual unsecured browsers, do not save any history to track back what users have searched for while using them. This also means that some convenient features like automatic webpage translations have been removed in browsers like UR Browser, as data needs to be sent to translations servers and poses a potential threat to have exposed website content that the user is interested in.

Another reason on why users prefer to use private browsers is because, in this modern era of which most people are always online most of the time and having their accounts logged in many different electronic devices simultaneously, anyone has the capability of identity theft with these online readily available data. Hence, many use private browsing for the sake of digital privacy and digital identity, as one of their self-protection measures in this cyber world.

  • How Does Private Browsing Work?

Public web browsers usually have features like in-built trackers, text automation completer, hidden cookies, which are embedded in their back-end coding systems. All these features help to make users go online as user-friendly as possible. Users do not have to remember all the necessary login credentials, neither do they have to remember what web sites the have gone previously, as all these data will be stored by such features automatically.

Private web browsers are different. They are not embedded with these user-friendly features. Data will not be automatically stored through hidden cookies. History will be cleared after each browsing session. Users must re-enter their login credentials every time they need to sign in. Not only these features, but private web browsers also allow users to select from three different levels for privacy and data protection. Each level embeds different features like advertisement blockers, cookies blocker, anti-fingerprinting, and even ninja mode. Not only that, but UR Browser has also its in-built policy that no personal data will be sent to Google through the trackers as well.

  • Does Private Browser Work On Both Mobile Phones And Laptops As Well?

By now, many of us will be wondering, “If UR Browser is available for download and use on computers – laptops and desktops, then will it be also workable on mobile phones too?” Well, UR-Browser allows their users to download and use their private web browser on Android devices and soon on others too. Their users download products like UR Browser on their mobile phone platforms, private browsers will be readily available for them at their own fingertips.

The Internet has provided us a lot of benefits. However, being beneficial to us may not be advantageous at the same time. There are always two sides to a thing, regardless of good or bad. The benefits to us may seem to others with an ulterior motive to commit crimes or do harm. Hence, it is only up to us to keep ourselves protected and armed with the necessary cyber equipment tools and knowledge, so that we do not fall prey to these cyber criminals.