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UR Browser update for MacOS

The core of your favorite browser, URBrowser, has just been updated to Chromium 61 also FOR MacOS! Continue reading

Questions We Are Commonly Asked About UR

There are several recurring questions we receive about the validity or privacy of UR, and we’d like to address them here today.

computer hard at work

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Panopticlick: UR Beats Chrome Against Online Tracking

Testing UR on Panopticlick

panopticlick chrome UR

We tested UR (L) against Chrome (R) on Panopticlick. (Mac version)

Panopticlick is a website run by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). It analyzes your browser and sees how safe it is against online tracking techniques.

With our new privacy update now available on both PC and Mac, we decided to test it.

magnifying glass on panopticlick test

UR Beat Chrome Against Online Tracking.

Here, you can see that UR has two green checkmarks—for “blocking tracking ads” and for “blocking invisible trackers.” Chrome, on the other hand, has all red x’s. This is because Chrome needs to track its users for its business model—your search and browsing data fuel its advertising industry.

Two check marks are great! However, we’re most excited about this, straight from the EFF:

All of us here at UR are really pleased about this! Our hard work is paying off 🙂

There is still work to do—fingerprinting, for example is a big project for which we’ve been doing R&D for months. More to come on that soon.

Have you tested UR? Head over to Panopticlick to see your own results!

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